Amit Kumar

M.S. Student, Computer Science, University of Florida

Amit Kumar is a M.S. student in Computer Science and Graduate Researcher mentored by Dr. Mehmet Celepkolu. In the LearnDialogue Group, he is a part of the Project DIALOGS project, providing technology-rich learning opportunities for middle school students to design and develop spoken conversational apps using computer science. His research interests include HCC, IoT and Cyber Security.


M.S., Computer Science (Expected 2022)
   University of Florida

B.Tech., Computer Science (2021)
   Bennett University, India


journal articles
[1]AMBY: A Development Environment for Youth to Create Conversational Agents. Xiaoyi Tian, Amit Kumar, Carly E Solomon, Kaceja D Calder, Gloria Ashiya Katuka, Yukyeong Song, Mehmet Celepkolu, Lydia Pezzullo, Joanne Barrett, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, Maya Israel. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction, vol. 38, 2023, pp. 100618, 1-15. [bib] [doi]
conference papers
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