Xiaoyi Tian

Ph.D. Student, Human-Centered Computing, University of Florida

Xiaoyi Tian is a Ph.D. student advised by Dr. Kristy Boyer. Her research interests include artificial intelligence in education, multimodal learning analytics and human-computer interaction. Through her research, Xiaoyi aims to design social and collaborative learning environments to improve student motivation and provide personalized learning experiences. In the LearnDialogue group, she is part of the Project DIALOGS project and is working on modeling learner’s collaboration behaviors and learning performances using multimodal data streams (facial expression, speech, etc).

Personal Website: https://txiaoyi.com/


Ph.D., Human-Centered Computing (Expected 2024)
   University of Florida

M.S., Information Science (2020)
   University of Pittsburgh

B.Mgmt., Management Science (2018)
   Anhui University, China


journal articles
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conference papers
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